New RTV-X900

New RTV-X900

New from Kubota: RTV-X900

The new model of RTV, whilst boasting the same rugged build qualities and superior reliability of the original RTV, comes with a host of new features and benefits.

The RTV-X900 is fitted with a robust and powerful 21.6HP, 3-cylinder liquid coo

led diesel engine, ensuring dependable performance in even the most challenging weather conditions ot terrain. Vairable hydraulic transmission has been improved, too, with a new afvanced VHT-X, which offers a wider torque band and large coolers to boost performance and durability.

The new X-Series utility vehicle raises the bar on ground clearance too, thanks to an impressive 10.4” travel height, allowing the vehicle to glide over lumps and bumps. Independent and Height adjustable front and rear suspension also ensures the correct vehicle height, depending on load, allowing for a safe and comfortable ride no matter how heavy the load. The fully independent suspension system offers incredible ride comfort and quality. Driving is believing!


Kubota’s latest utility vehicle builds on the range’s already impressive load and towing capability with an increased maximum capacity of one tonne, including a 15.2 cubic foot cargo bed. Loading and unloading is now far simpler too, with the addition of a hydraulic lift, allowing heavy loads to be dumped in seconds.