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Price: £ 216.00 (Inc VAT) £ 180.00 (Ex VAT)
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Keep your garden clean with minimum hassle.This Echo blower is the perfect powerful garden leaf blower and garden vacuum shredder for home users, prosumers and commercial operators.Powered by a 25.4 cc power boost 2 stroke petrol engine, it generates a maximum air flow of 76.2m/sec whilst maintaining power and durability with fewer emissions than a normal 2 stroke machine. This machine features a design called ‘rotational control’, this design reduces the stress on the operator’s hands, wrist and forearm by providing a neutral balance.It is even easier to check the level of fuels due to the see-through tank and the double debris guard that minimises clogging to ensure superb performance. Additionally, the EZ lock pipe connection allows for effortless connecting/disconnecting, limiting time spent on this task. Overall this blower is a powerful machine, making clearing efficient for all users. Complete with a 5 year domestic warranty and a 2 year professional warranty.

Weight: 3.9 kg Fuel tank capacity: 0.54 litres Maximum air speed: 76.2m/sec Engine displacement: 25.4 cc Output: 0.9 kW

ECHO PB2520 HAND HELD BLOWER25.4CC - Sales Enquiry

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