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Kubota Forage Equipment

To help you maximise the feed value of your forage crops, Kubota has exactly the right solution for every task.

From mowers, tedders, rakes, choppers, round balers to bale wrappers, Kubota equipment is designed to deliver excellent performance. With a huge farm machinery manufacturing programme with Kverneland Group means the Kubota implements range is specially developed to complement the size and power ratings of its M series tractors; guaranteeing the highest level of quality, efficiency and future viability.

Kubota Forage Range:

  • Mowers

    Kubota disc mowers and mower conditioners are designed to deliver excellent performance and reliability in every situation from compact side mowers to mounted mower conditioners with the new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept for precise ground following ability.

  • Choppers

    Kubota grass and straw choppers cope with whatever is required; every model is built for a variety of different tasks. Solid construction with a robust gearbox and very strong power transmission to the ‘V’-belts driving the rotor.

  • Tedders

    Kubota has an extensive range of CompactLine and ProLine tedders, with working widths ranging from 4.60 to 13.30 m. The Kubota tedders are distinguished by the oilbath gearbox, the Super-C tines, the strong mainframe and their easy maintenance.

  • Rakes

    Wide range of rakes, from single- to quadri-rotor rakes, available as ProLine or CompactLine models for clean raking performance and optimised swath formation.

  • Balers

    The latest generation of Kubota variable chamber balers gives you the assurance of unrivalled performance and an ability to cope with a wide variety of crop conditions. Kubota balers present a host of innovative features including clean raking pick-ups, a choice of effective pre-chopping systems and the latest in bale chamber technology for easy selection of bale density with ISOBUS control.

  • Bale Wrappers

    Kubota bale wrappers have been designed to offer fast, accurate and cost-effective wrapping for maximum silage or haylege quality of your precious forage crops.

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