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Kverneland Cultivators

From stubble cultivation to seedbed preparation the Kverneland range delivers. Depending on the season and conditions, you want to manage high amounts of residues, leave a weatherproof surface or fine seedbed, cultivate shallow or deep. For this you need a high capacity cultivator with a full range of shares that is versatile.

Kverneland Cultivator Range:

  • CLC Evo (2-bar)

    The 2-bar cultivator with the full range of accessories to optimise incorporation and levelling.

  • CLC Pro Classic & CLC Pro (3-bar)

    Designed for strong stubble incorporation.

  • CLC Pro Cut (3-bar)

    With one row of discs and two rows of tines has been designed to work in fields covered by high amount of residues.

  • CTC (3 or 4-bar)

    Can be equipped with 3 or 4 rows of tines and even with front disc for excellent ground tillage. Enduro & Enduro Pro rigid and fold (3-bar) The versatile cultivator for both, shallow stubble and deeper working depths with Triflex 700 tines for extra strength. Especially, with minimum tillage to conserve soil structure, moisture and limit erosion

  • Turbo rigid and fold (4-bar)

    The all seasons cultivator for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation from 3 to 20cm.

  • Turbo T & Turbo T i-Tiller (5-bar)

    High capacity and best traction due to the automatic load transfer up to 1,800kg. Also available as smart cultivator with Dynamic Traction Control and Auto-Protect.

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