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Kverneland Feeding & Bedding

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Accurate feeding and bedding, utilising the material to the maximum at the same time as keeping speed and pace during the process are key elements in securing a high output of your livestock.

  • Kverneland bale choppers are efficient, productive solutions that lower operating costs, through higher accuracy and performance.
  • These machines are designed for more capacity, reaching longer blowing distances and doing the job in less time.
  • Using a bale chopper for bedding gives an even spread of material, with significant material saving potential, due to more even spread.
  • Thanks to the two-speed gearbox, you can utilise Kverneland bale choppers as dual- purpose machines for both bedding and feeding, with the ability to feed baled material or loose clamp silage.

Kverneland Feeding/Bale Chopper Range:

  • 852

    2m3 mounted bale chopper, is specially designated for working with straw for bedding purposes.

  • 853 Pro-856

    Pro 3.0 and 6.0 m3 machines with extensive blowing distance and blockage-free DFCS dosing.

  • 863-864

    The 3.1 & 4.2m3 chambers handle 2.1m diameter round bales and blowing distances of up to 20m can be reached.

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