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Kverneland Sprayers

Efficient spraying is a decisive factor when securing yield, quality and protection of crops and the environment.

You want to be sure that the product you apply is perfectly dispersed giving value out of every drop of spray liquid, even at high speed. The Kverneland range of mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers provide the solution with the highest possible efficiency resulting in reduced input costs and minimise impact on the environment.

Kverneland Sprayer Range:

  • iXdrive S6 - Self-propelled Sprayer

    A self-propelled sprayer designed with focus on operator comfort and environmental protection. HSS steel booms or HSA aluminium booms available. Standard equipped with iXclean Pro, iXflow® circulation system, Boom Guide Pro spray height control system, IsoMatch Tellus PRO and IsoMatch GEOCONTROL®.

  • iXter A - Mounted Sprayer

    A mounted sprayer, with a low weight, close gravity point to the tractor and easy to operate at the same time. Tank volumes from 800-1200 litres and spray booms from 12-21 metres.

  • iXter B - Mounted Sprayer

    Designed with focus on ease of use, intelligent electronics and environmental protection. Tank volumes from 1000-1800 litres and booms from 15-30 metres.

  • iXtra Front Tank - Mounted Sprayer

    The innovative iXtra front tank (1100 litres), in combination with the iXter B, offers much more than just extra tank volume. Available as manual or electrical version.

  • iXtrack T3 - Trailed Sprayer

    Offers tank sizes of 2,600 or 3,200 litres in combination with spray booms from 18 up to 30 metres.

  • iXtrack T4 - Trailed Sprayer

    Tank volumes of 3,400 - 4,600 litres. Spray booms go up to 40 metres. The iXtrack T series is ISOBUS compatible as standard.

  • iXtrack T6 - Trailed Sprayer

    For maximum performance and productivity featuring 7,600 litres maximum tank capacity and booms up to 40 metres.

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