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  • Impressed is an understatement

    Matt and Tim supplied my grounds maintenance business with a used Kubota G26-11. To say I’ve been impressed is an understatement. From my initial enquiry to a no-obligation extended demonstration, to the actual purchase. Everything was seamless and nothing too much trouble. The Kubota has far exceeded my expectations, a high-quality commercial machine! -The Mowing …

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  • Efficient Yard Scraping

    Looking for an efficient yard scraping solution for the family dairy farm, Shropshire farmer Dave Eardley settled on a Kubota R090 pivot steer loader. “Like many dairy farms, we’d been using an old tractor with a linkage-mounted scraper,” explains Dave who runs the 450-cow Upper House Farm, Market Drayton, with his parents. “It was time …

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  • Yareal adds more Kubota machines to the fleet

    Yareal UK Ltd recently took delivery of a new Kubota M7-173 tractor with loader in addition to their Kubota L1-452 tractor that is used on the farm. “I’m quick to complain about poor service, but also shout louder for good service, had to get a new battery, bought the burnt out PTO clutch in for repairs, …

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  • Refining the silage-making process

    Farming just over 600 acres to support a cross-bred herd of 280 cows, Clwyd-based dairy farmer Keith Thompson has refined his silage-making processes to maximise yields. “Our land is very challenging, and has shaped the way we farm,” he says. “During summer our grass yields almost disappear, and is why we block-calve the entire herd …

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  • Welsh gamekeeper swears by tough Kubota RTV utility vehicle

    Sean Duffy, Gamekeeper Denbeighshire Gamekeeper Shaun Duffy manages a substantial shoot on an estate in Denbeighshire and having tested several different brands of utility vehicle has made a Kubota RTV-X900 his tool of choice. The rugged, precipitous terrain of North Wales makes it the ideal location for a sporting estate, but it’s also a harsh …

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