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Kverneland Ploughs

Developed over 140 years, the Kverneland Steel Technology remains unsurpassed within the plough industry.

It guarantees extra robustness for extra life time to the plough. The design of a Kverneland plough combined to the specific heat treatments of each and every part ensure low running cost. Easy to lift, easy to pull for a low fuel consumption; optimised low wearing of parts. Kverneland innovations and design of parts enable a quick set up and adjustments for the perfect ploughed field.

  • Kverneland steel technology guarantees the best robustness and the lowest weight possible.
  • The design of Kverneland ploughs is kept simple and functional with easy and quick adjustments for the best ploughing results.
  • Kverneland ploughs stand for robustness, low maintenance cost and high ploughing performance.

Kverneland Plough Range:

  • 150 (Mounted reversible)

    Robust & easy to operate. Step-wise adjustments or Variomat®. For light to medium-heavy soil conditions.

  • ED/LD (Mounted reversible)

    Efficient low cost ploughing. Robust. Quick step-wise width adjustments.

  • ES/LS (Mounted reversible)

    Adapts to any soils and tractors. Variomat® ploughs. Low lift requirements.

  • EG/LB Variomat® (Mounted reversible)

    Built for efficient work in medium to heavy soil conditions.

  • LO (Mounted reversible)

    (On-Land) Easy switch In-Furrow/On-Land ploughing. Smooth turnover. Easy to lift and to pull.

  • 2300 S Variomat®/ 3300 S Variomat® (Mounted reversible)

    New generation of Auto-reset ploughs for any soil conditions: Aero-profile legs, Kverneland Trailer Transport

  • 3400 S Variomat® (Mounted reversible)

    New generation of Auto-reset ploughs. Plough in-furrow / on-land at will. Kverneland Trailer Transport Solution (TTS).

  • 6300 S Variomat® (Semi-mounted/reversible)

    New generation of Auto-reset ploughs for any soil conditions: Aero-profile legs. Very large rear mounted wheel for best stability and floatation.

  • PG/RG (Semi-mounted/reversible)

    Center-mounted wheel for narrow headlands. Wheel covered from 18”.

  • PN/RN (Semi-mounted/reversible)

    (On-land) Built for In-Furrow and On-Land operations. Center mounted automatic wheel: ploughing out to fences.

  • PW/RW (Semi-mounted/reversible)

    Efficient: 3 ploughs in 1 wagon plough. In-Furrow and/or On-Land operations. Smooth turnovers. ATS/ISOBUS

  • Ecomat

    Designed for shallow ploughing. Quick and efficient tillage. Packomat available. Ecomat body comes with plastic or steel mouldboards. Specific design to turn the soil fast to 180º.

  • AB/AD

    Strong Variomat® ploughs for small farms and any soil conditions. Also available as a competition plough.

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